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Cox Decompression Treatment for the Pregnant Patient with Lower Back and Leg Pain

Thanks again for viewing this blog.  I had a great week in the office.  In addition to chiropractic care, we also have full physical therapy and massage therapy.  Pregnant patients with lower back pain are always interesting and sometimes difficult to treat.  Certainly if the patient has leg pain, more caution should be given with the treatment.  We are somewhat limited as to what treatment can be done.  Although many chiropractors do traditional / diversified manipulation for pregnant patients with lower back pain, I choose to do the Cox Decompression Technique.


This article / case study was published in Journal Of Chiropractic Medicine , December 2007 and authored by Ralph A. Kruse, DC, Sharina Gudavalli, DC and Jerrilyn Cambron, DC, MPH, PhD.  I have included the abstract.



The purpose of this report is to describe chiropractic treatment of lower back and unilateral leg pain in a pregnant patient.

Clinical Features

A 26-year-old woman in her second trimester of pregnancy had severe pain in her lower back that radiated to her hips bilaterally and to her right leg. She reported tingling down her right lower leg to the dorsum of her foot. Although no diagnostic imaging was performed, her differential diagnoses included lumbalgia with associated radiculopathy.

Intervention and Outcome

Treatment consisted of manual traction in the side-lying position using a specialized chiropractic table and treatment technique (Cox flexion-distraction decompression) modified for pregnancy. Relief was noted after the first treatment, and complete resolution of her subjective and objective findings occurred after 8 visits.


When modified, this chiropractic technique appears to be an effective method for treating lower back pain with radiation to the leg in a pregnant patient who cannot lie prone.

I hope this article / case study was helpful.  Feel free to contact me by clicking the following link: chiropractor west palm beach.  You can also find a certified Cox Technique practitioner on Dr. Cox’s website www.coxtechnic.com.

Respectfully submitted,

Gregg F Moses DC

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