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Spinal Manipulation (chiropractic care) compared to back school and physiotherapy for chronic low back pain

Well a belated Happy New Year to all.  A beautiful day here in S. Florida (specifically West Palm Beach)…about 50 degrees this morning.  A little cold for some, but sure is better than the 20 inches or so they had this weekend across the mid-Atlantic states.  Over the past few weeks I watched my NY Jets over-achieve and make it to the AFC Championship game.  This season concluded yesterday as the NO Saints beat the Colts in a great game.  I was away in Naples, FL two weeks ago.  Dr. James Cox was there speaking on the latest regarding the treatment of neck and back pain with the Cox Technique.  He focused on FBSS, Failed Back Surgical Syndrome.  I want to share a recently published article from Clinical Rehabilitation 24  (1). Jan 2010 p.26-36.  The authors are Cecchi, F; Molina-Lova, R; Chiti, M; Pasquini, G; Conti, AA; Macchi, C.  The title is “Spinal Manipulation compared with back school and with individually delivered physiotherapy for the treatment of chronic lower back pain: a randomized trial with one-year follow-up”.

I only have the abstract for this study and I will give some details. 

Objective:  To compare spinal manipulation, back school and individual physiotherapy in the treatment of chronic low back pain.

Design:  Randomized trial with 12-month follow-up.

Setting:  Outpatient rehabilitation department.

Participants:  210 patients with chronic, non-specific low back pain, 140/210 women, age 59 +/- 14 years.

Conclusions:  Spinal manipulation provided better short and long-term functional improvement, and more pain relief in the follow-up than either back school or individual physiotherapy.

As a chiropractor I am certainly not surprised that spinal manipulation gave more pain relief, but overall back school and physiotherapy are wonderful adjuncts to chiropractic in the treatment of our patients.  I have read many medical journal since my last blog and have a lot of articles to share.  I hope to do an entry about once a week.  Should anyone have a specific topic they would like more information on, just send me an e-mail and ask.

Gregg F Moses, DC